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Blue Duck Brands is here for you. With 20 years of experience, we have built brands for future success by creating a marketable image and collateral through effective visual communication design. We develop aesthetic-looking brands that communicate effectively and succeed in the marketplace.

We work with companies of any size that are looking to take their brand to the next level. Through digital and print solutions, Blue Duck Brands uses three core values: style, attitude, and aesthetics; to set our designs and marketing strategies apart from the competition. 

Style: We build brands of the future with expert design styles and brand strategies. We strive to push the envelope to create the best outcome for our clients.

Attitude: We genuinely care about our clients and their brand. We work alongside them to create something that both parties* are proud of. 

Aesthetics: Our goal is to make YOU look good. We dedicate our time to all aspects of the design process to make sure our clients have the best product on the market.

Blue Duck Brands has the following advantages compared to competitors:

  • High-quality aesthetic design solutions.

  • Being small allows for more personal connections and detailed attention.

  • We design both digital and print collateral.

  • We have an established wholesale signage vendor for indoor and outdoor signage.

  • We offer additional services that complement our design solutions. 

    • Printing services by outsourcing to Online Print Smart.

    • Videography services by outsourcing to a local company (TBD).

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