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Brand identity is all about the visual elements of your brand that make it distinguishable from others. This includes elements such as color, design, and logo creation.


We relish the challenge of discovering visual solutions that effectively convey your business identity, whether through typography, icons, or a harmonious combination of both.

Brand image is entirely shaped by how customers perceive your business, highlighting the importance of creating a positive initial impact. Your logo is the first element customers encounter, making it crucial to have a clean, distinctive design that encapsulates your brand in a cohesive image. This not only facilitates a seamless first impression but also conveys a clear sense of your business's identity and purpose to customers.

Equipping yourself with a well-crafted business card allows customers to associate a face with the brand they're engaging with. Here at Blue Duck Brands, we possess the expertise to create the ideal logo design and business card for you, ensuring your brand image distinguishes itself amidst the competition.

At Blue Duck Brands, our specialty lies in logo design, as we are deeply passionate about the process of creating the right logo for you.

From professional sports teams, leagues and youth clubs to gourmet popcorn and hurricane simulators, Blue Duck Brands has everything you need to create the logo of your dreams. Check out some of our creations below!

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