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115th Diocesan Assembly & Annual Clergy Conference

Client : St. Hagop Armenian Church

Medium: Print & Digital 

Event Brand Collateral:
- Event Brand Identity

- Signage: Schedule Posters

- Print: Name Plate Cards

- Print: Banquet Seating Cards 

- Print: Attendee Badges with a design system.

- Print: Volunteer Badges

- Digital: Event Identity Branding

- Digital: Social Media Advertising of Event Dance

- Print: Banquet Program Books

The 115th Diocsean Assembly featured a variety of events and activities for members to participate in while in attendance. Blue Duck Brands job was to ensure the overall event brand was visible throughout each activity.

This event branding project features the branding of lots of different elements from wearable guest identification, conference table name plates, banquet table cards, banquet program, banquet book, event dance poster and social media advertising, and schedule posters.

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