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Blue Duck Brands specializes in logo design and building brands. We create brand consistency throughout all digital and print platforms. There's really nothing we can't design.

Logo Design

Web Design

Social Media Marketing

Events Design 


The Blue Duck Brands logo was designed to visually represent the values and approach to design and life we stand for.

The 'hat' is meant to be a symbol of fun, swag, attitude, and 'cool' which we translate to our work and our approach to design. A hat on a rubber duckie is different, and we know that good designs aren't always predictable.  

The 'hat' to some appears to be a baseball hat, which does relate to our success and skill in the sports industry.

The duck is a 'rubber duckie' for several reasons. The first is to match the personality and approach of the business, which is intended to be fun. We want our process to be engaging and fun for our clients. 


The other reason we went with a 'rubber duckie' was for the challenge. If a brand could be created using a 'rubber duckie' as the main icon, then we could turn any brand into a successful one.

Looking forward to working with you.

- Jack Dikranian

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