Florida Youth Soccer Association

Annual General Meeting

Client : Florida Youth Soccer Association

Medium: Print & Digital 

Event Brand Collateral:
- Brand Identity

- Signage: Indoor Way Finding

- Signage: Indoor Identification

- Signage: Indoor Floor

- Signage: Indoor Walls

- Signage: Indoor Banners

- Signage: Stand-up

- Signage: Column Wraps

- Digital: Event Branding

- Print: Program Books

- Print: Badges

- Print: Accessore

This event branding project features lots of indoor signage types. From column wraps, to stand-up way finding, to floor stickers, to false walls, banners, and more.  

The Florida Youth Soccer Association Annual General Meeting takes place at some of the best hotels in Orlando, and a full branding takeover of the designated space is exactly whats required.

This event displays an tremendous ability to utilize signage for branding as well as way finding. Large event schedules